July 20, 2023
by Persuasion PR

Cooking up a storm – but not breaking the bank


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Photo: (L-R) Geoff Scott, Social Value Manager with NTWDC build partner, Keepmoat; Lori, aged eight, Dee Crawford, Support staff member at Bridgewater Primary School; Khloe, aged four and Lisa Conroy, from the Health Promotion Team at Healthworks.

A new recipe book, inspired by a project to drive down the energy costs for Scotswood residents, is being released to the public.

‘Air Fry and Eat Well’ has been developed by charity Healthworks, in partnership with Bridgewater Primary School and local people, who have been learning how to make healthy meals using air fryers – reducing both food and energy bills.

Earlier this year, and for the past five years, the charity received circa £10,000 funding from New Tyne West Development Company (NTWDC) – the partnership building homes at The Rise. Lisa Conroy from the Health Promotion Team at Healthworks explains: “The cost-of-living crisis has hit our community hard and we are always looking for ways in which we can support local people to make healthy choices that also help to save money.

“The funding from NTWDC and working alongside Bridgewater Primary School, meant we were able to run a cooking course for 36 people and their families to date. At the end of the programme, all received their own air fryer to take home and support with reducing bills during the cost-of-living crisis.

“Now, everyone can access the most popular, delicious and nutritious recipes that we have come up with – all of which can be made on a tight budget.”

The recipes can be accessed from the Healthworks website here: https://www.healthworksnewcastle.org.uk/about-us/our-resource-library/ 

The idea for the initiative originated at Bridgewater Primary School, which was exploring ways to support parents who had approached the school asking about how they could cut their energy bills.

After suggesting the possibility of providing Air Fryers, the school partnered with NTWDC and Healthworks to deliver the four-week courses. Attendees commented that they did not realise you could cook so much with an air fryer and how having the children involved in the sessions, had meant that they have tried so many new things to eat as a family.

Healthworks – which works across the North East to support people of all ages to live longer, healthier and happier lives – and the school, are now looking to widen the popular initiative -engaging with more people and developing new slow cooker and Food and Fuel cookery courses.

Lee McGray, Director of NTWDC, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Healthworks and Bridgewater Primary School with this excellent project. We hope it has been a real help to local people facing difficult choices due increasing costs.

“Both undertake so much great work here in the West End of Newcastle and we wish them every success using the funds to expand the affordable meals programme in support of even more people.”

“We look forward to continuing to support both Healthworks and Bridgewater Primary School in future projects that benefit the wider community.”

NTWDC is a joint venture between Newcastle City Council and Keepmoat, established in 2013, to breathe new life into the west of the city through a £265 million, housing led regeneration programme. Since building began more than 500 homes have been completed at The Rise, in Scotswood.

In this time, the partnership has created 19 apprenticeship roles, safe guarded over 1,000 jobs and backed several school and non-development apprenticeships projects.

Healthworks believes that everyone, regardless of the challenges they face, should have the same opportunity to live in good health. It tackles health inequalities with a diverse range of projects, activities and interventions that improve health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities across the region. More information is available at: www.healthworksnewcastle.org.uk 


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