March 18, 2022
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Raising aspirations at The Rise


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Photo: Back row (L to R): Geoff Scott, Social Value Manager with Keepmoat Homes and Claire Scott, Customer Support Officer at RHWE. Front row (L to R): James Neal, Mark Reynolds, Jonny Collins and Erin Bell.

A partnership responsible for regenerating Scotswood, has joined forces with a charity, Reviving the Heart of the West End (RHWE), to raise local job aspirations.

New Tyne West Development Company (NTWDC), through its partnership with RHWE, has been working with a group of eight candidates, aged 19-56, to demonstrate the wide range of work experience and job opportunities available in the construction industry.

Benefitting from three industry taster workshops, covering careers in housebuilding, a practical house building task and a visit to The Rise, Scotswood.

Mark Reynolds aged 20 and from Newcastle, said: “I learnt so much about what goes on behind the scenes of a construction site, I didn’t realise that there were so many job roles in the industry.

“I particularly enjoyed the group work, making our own construction sites out of paper houses, with everyone in the team taking on a different role. We had to make sure we had a minimum 15% profit margin by the end of all calculations to be a successful company and present our development’s credentials to the group.

“We also visited The Rise – which was great as I had never visited a live development before.”

Following the site visit, all candidates were interviewed and Mark was successful in securing a two week work placement at The Rise.

NTWDC is a partnership between Newcastle City Council and Keepmoat Homes, which since its formation in 2013, has improved access to employment, created 18 apprenticeship roles, safeguarded over 1000 jobs and backed a number of school and non-development apprenticeships projects.

Geoff Scott, Social Value Manager with Keepmoat Homes, said: “The development at The Rise has played a significant part in transforming the local area, not only through the creation of affordable, quality housing, but by investing in job and training opportunities. It has been a great to work with RHWE to help support individuals who are looking to improve their skills to secure employment.”

RHWE provides personal development, employability support and enterprise training for people across Newcastle to get the job they really want, work for themselves through self-employment or starting a business, take part in further training, courses or volunteering.

Claire Scott, Customer Support Officer at RHWE, added: “Thanks to partners and local organisations like NTWDC and Keepmoat we are delighted to be running another of our successful Industry Tasters for local people to explore what this sector has to offer, the range of roles available, what it’s really like to work in the industry and get an insight into what employers are looking for.”


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